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Curtain Cleaning In Tooting Broadway SW17

You cannot have full home cleaning without spotless curtains, and oh boy do we have the right treatment for you. Using over 55 specialist detergents, we can clean out any stain, remove dust and deal with other allergens like bed bugs or dust mites. We extract all accumulated dust and freshen up your home, all in one go, call us anytime and see for yourself, now with a free quote you don't have to make a gamble on the price.

Benefits Of Booking Our Services

Curtain Cleaning Services Tooting BroadwayCurtains do get quite stuffy ever after 2 months in a busier household, which we can remedy by using our Scothgard protection detergent which coats the fibers in an invisible and intangible protective coating which beads of dirt for a prolonged period of time. Choosing us will aslo get you:

  • A nice natural smell
  • Full colour & textile rejuvenation
  • Improved air quality
  • Affordable prices 
  • Multiple order discount

Not to forget the longer lasting clean effects which can be acquired by booking Scotchgard. Pick up the phone and dial 020 3746 8251 - no deposit reuqired. No hidden fees. Urgent & same day appointments. Experienced & insured staff. 24/7 call center. Entire Tooting Broadway & Wandsworth SW17 area covered.

Cleaning Techniques

Steam cleaning - offers you the option of mobility and expediency, which reduces waiting time and increases satisfaction. This treatment does use moisture and heat as cleaning mechanics meaning that it has a more specialized application with synthetic and woolen materials which can better reap the benefits of this powerful combination. Using a carefully chosen detergent and a curtain attachment, we treat the textile as is, not requiring us to take it down reducing waiting time as well as wrinkling. All of the moisture used in the cleaning process is removed, leaving only about 5% of its original value.

Dry cleaning - handles things a bit more gently, offering clients the choice to use a more careful cleaning process which has a positive impact on natural fibered materials such as silk, cotton and even kashmir. It lives up to its name in the fact that it does not use any moisture, but is rather used to draw it out of all materials. It has an application with deep stains and bad odours and can remove anything in its way while also protecting the colours of the drapery. It requires us to take the curtains down, but once done we will put them back on free of charge. We apply the dry detergent, use a fine brush to imbed said detergent into the fibers then draw everything out.

Book Now

To book any of these treatments or the entire service, use the booking phone. If you have questions and are not certain what exactly to chose, dial 020 3746 8251 and our customer reps will be prepared to help you anyway they can. Ask for a free quote or special info on deals, and save not only time, but also money with Local Cleaners Tooting Broadway.