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Mattress Cleaning In Tooting Broadway SW17

Be safe in your place of rest, don't let bed bugs and dust mites interfere with your relaxation and sleep. Use Local Cleaners Tooting Broadway's patented mattress cleaning service with special techniques that allow for a full and complete extermination and extraction. We also do stain removal and odour deodorization where we take away the things that make your mattress smell, no usage of heavy chemicals.

Booking Us Advantages

Mattress Cleaning Services Tooting BroadwayBasic sanity would tell you that keeping the place where you sleep clean and safe, and that would be right. That is why we are offering you a full package of treatments all in one go, that come with some very tempting benefits, like:

  • Fiber rejuvenation
  • Food colouring & smells elimination
  • Memory foam protection
  • Combined booking discount
  • Affordable rates

Let us restore your sleeping comfort - call us at 020 3746 8251 and our skilled & entirely covered technicians will fully clean & sanitize your bed. Same day & emergency appointments. No deposit required. Weekend & bank holidays availability.

Service Information & Details

U.V Lights cleaning - the lights we use in our projects can often be found in laboratories and hospital facilities as means of decontamination and sterilization. We use them to clean your bed instead, fully ready to remove any smells, pests or bacteria from the surface or base of your mattress. Due to the short frequency of the light itself, it can penetrate all the layers of the bed, including the pillow, offering you a full cleaning experience, without having to resort to chemicals and detergents. Once done we extract all of the filth using a high end vacuum machine which deposits all of the contaminants in a safety bin.

Steam cleaning - is often used as a secondary treatment for cases of heavy dust mite and bed bug infestations. It has disinfecting properties due to the heat it uses as a cleaning mechanic, but it can also great work with stains fully extracting all of their particles out leaving no trace of the smell and discoloration caused by the stain itself. The fibers underneath are rejuvenated fully and are protected from further contamination for the near future. Its quick and safe, but it does require some short drying which we can expedite using our air movers.

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Booking this service is as easy as any other, either use the hotline phone number 020 3746 8251  or submit a filled in booking form which you can located on the booking page. If you have any questions direct them to either the FAQ page or one of our reps while on the phone or in our live chat found in the bottom right of the screen. Whole SW17 area covered.