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Rug Cleaning In Tooting Broadway SW17

Customers and clients of old will be glad to know that we have expanded our rug cleaning operations to Tooting Boradway & Wandsworth SW17 as well, offering anyone looking for a good value cleaning service top of the line cleaning, with all bio degradable detergents and state of the art machines. Our cleaning teams can respond during weekends and holidays and are able to clean until late at night or early in the morning - we strive to be accommodating.

Why Choosing Us?

Rug Cleaning Services Tooting BroadwayLocal Cleaners Tooting Broadway specializes in the safe cleaning of exotic Persian and oriental rugs, which require some extra attention to keep their natural beauty. In the package you will find conditioning, fiber protection and professional cleaning, and also:

  • Full fiber rejuvenation
  • Rugs look brand new
  • Skilled & fully insured technicians
  • Fixed prices. No deposit
  • 24/7 call center

And to top it all off, you can book Scotchgard, which is a special detergent which literally deters dirt and grime from the textiles for a longer period of time, it can be used on both natural and synthetic rugs. Call now - 020 3746 8251. Cleaning perfection just one call away!

Services Information

Dry cleaning - offers us a more gentle option when dealing with hard to remove stains or deep accumulations of dirt. It has a finer touch than other treatments and allows our cleaners to properly sanitize any natural fibered rug out there, with no worries of spoiling the colours, damaging the fibers or ruining the conditioning of said fibers. This is done by prepared the rug with a vacuum machine, then applying the dry compound on the affected area, which is immediately spread around using a fine brush which helps with the cleaning process. After a wait of 10 minutes we draw everything out and leave your rugs ready for use, no drying or waiting involved.

Steam cleaning - has a quicker cleaning time, but due to the usage of steam, has a more specific utilization when dealing with rugs. Because natural fibered ones are more prone to damage when exposed to heat or water, we use this for the deep and proper cleaning of any synthetic or woolen rug. It uses over 50 detergents as cleaning agents, and a state of the art vacuum and high pressure machine. With its various attachments we can tailor it to the job description and do a quick allergen check up or clean deep into the fibers of the rug. We draw all of the involved moisture using high vacuum pressure and leave the rug to dry for a bit.

Book Rug Cleaning Now!

To book this or any of our many treatments and services, you can use 020 3746 8251 or utilize the booking form which you can locate on this website. It's also possible, if you are in a hurry, to use our instant chat system which is operated by the same careful and accommodating customer care center over at the phone lines.